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Phill teaching Armed Vehicle Defense in PA

in Old Norse translates to "Able in Battle."  

Vigr Training is the next passionate step in a training journey that spans more than 27 years.  Formed to provide relevant, realistic training to professional force users and armed citizens alike.  The assignments, companies and affiliations have changed over the years but I hold steadfast in my commitment to pass along the knowledge, experience and lessons of those I have served with, trained and learned from.   Training together, we grow stronger as individuals, teams and as a nation to counter all threats and dominate our individual battles. 

Phillip Groff 

Owner/Founder Vigr Training LLC.

Police Week in Washington DC
Maritime Interdiction in the Atlantic Ocean with FAST Co.

I have been actively engaged in the training and operational communities for over twenty years.  Beginning as a young Marine assigned to FAST Company, conducting platoon level CQB training, I found I had a passion to teach.  Following up with subsequent assignments as the lead MCIWS and CSS for the 24th MEU, I completed my enlistment as a Sergeant with the 1st Bn. 6th Marines.  


Immediately following the Marine Corps,  I become a police officer and spent the next 14 years in a variety of assignments including Patrol, FTO, Instructor and SWAT.  For most of my time as a police officer I served on one of the largest SWAT teams in Pennsylvania as an Entry Team Leader and Training Coordinator.  I participated in hundreds of tactical operations and was fortunate to have served with the finest men and women of law enforcement.  As training coordinator I managed all aspects of the team's training development, sustainment training and authored the team's Basic SWAT School curriculum.  In 2014, I retired early to take an opportunity in the firearms industry as a full-time trainer.    

In addition to my time spent in service, I have been active within the private training community since 2004.  I have held positions with Phalanx Training Group, US Shooting Academy, Direct Action Tactical and as Vice President of Range and Training with a large central PA firearms retailer, range and training center.   Through these various roles I have written, developed and delivered curriculum that ranges from initial instruction through training the nation's elite warriors as they prepare to head downrange.  My posts also afforded me the chance to train and hone my skills through a variety of topics  around all weapons systems, defensive mindset and tactics, application of force in a variety of settings and mission-centered, relevant, realistic training.  


Always a student and never the master, I can only hope to deliver a fraction of the knowledge that I gain from the patriots with whom I train.  

Training in all weather
On the deck of the USS Nashville
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