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We all spend a good amount of time in and around vehicles and they are a constant part of our everyday life. VEHICLE  will give you the opportunity to learn the skills associated with countering a threat from inside and around your car.  This program is designed to provde contextual, real-world skills to enhance your safety. In VEHICLE, we utilize real object learning by shooting from inside a vehicle, engaging threats in a 360 degree environment, and learning to move around and through vehicles. VEHICLE is configured as a 2-Day program but you have the option of attending either day seperately.  Day-1 of VEHICLE is live-fire and participants will conduct a variety of drills to simulate the most common attacks on persons in and around cars.  Day-2 focuses on contextually driven learning as we work a variety of hands-on training styles.  There will be a block on vehicle operations, situation and spatial awareness in cars, counter-carjacking, civil unrest, combatives inside a car and, Force-on-Force drills & scenarios.  There is no live fire during Day-2 and all FoF ammunition, conversion kits and PPE are provided as part of the tuition. 

VEHICLE Lebanon PA 5/18-19/2024

  • Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club

    1855 Russell Rd

    Lebanon PA 17046

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