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Statictically crime occurs at a higher rate during the hours of darkness.  NIGHT seeks to address this by providing the Armed Citizen with the skills to fight back in this reduced visibilty environment.  The NIGHT course is designed to teach the use and training of light assisted shooting utilizing both handheld lights as well as weapon-mounted lights.  This is NOT a night optics device course (night vision), instead focusing on the most common equiment sets of the concealed carrier and home defender.  Day-1 of night is most applicable to the concealed carrier or home defender equipped with a handgun.  Participants will learn handheld light use, searching techniques, light assisted shooting, movement considerations, weapon mounted lights, changing lighting conditions, lighting condition types and positive identification in a low-light environment.  Day-2 of NIGHT is about the rifle!  This portion will be conducted from a Home Defense context and makes the perfect companion training for HOME.  NIGHT is a live-fire only class and there is no Force-on-Force.  

NIGHT Sugarloaf PA 11/16-17/2024

  • Red Rock Lodge

    142 Cabin Lane

    Sugarloaf PA 18249

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