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Hosted by: Vigr Training LLC

ADD LEO AVD 10/10-11/22 for only +$200

You can also sign up for the FREE 1-Day FoF training event on 10/14/22 (ammo not provided)


Grounded and Wounded but 100% still in the FIGHT.   In G&W, officers learn to overcome unconventional positions, fighting from the ground, and managing compromised ability.  All weapons manipulation skills will be covered with diminished ability using the duty handgun and patrol rifle.  During the second half of the course, there will be a block of instruction on traumatic first aid, victim movement techniques, and officer rescue.  Officers will need to put all skills presented  together during scenario based training exercises.  This is a physically demanding course and you will be working through a variety of positions and overcoming artificially produced physical limitations.  The class is a 75/25 split between the Duty Handgun and Patrol Rifle.

LEO Grounded & Wounded Lebanon PA 10/12-13/2022

  • Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club

    1855 Russell Rd 

    Lebanon PA 17046

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