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PA MPOETC Certified as a Primary Firearms Instructor Certification Course

Host Agency:  Blair County Sheriff's Office


LEO Firearms Instructor is an all-encompassing, Firearms Instructor Certification course that certifies officers to conduct qualifications with the Duty Handgun, Patrol Rifle and Police Shotgun.   This class is recognized by PA MPOETC as a primary course to certify Firearms Instructors within the State of Pennsylvania to conduct mandated qualifications at their agencies.  This fast paced curicullum will cover all aspects of becoming a successful Firearms Instructor.  Officers will be required to pass multiple phases of evaluation with all three weapons systems.  At the completion of this course, participants will be well versed in; understand the functions/roles of the FI, methods of learning, range controls, safety management, conducting mandated qualifications, building data-driven, relevant sustainment programs, COF design, diagnose and correct common performance issues, posses a complete understanding of all common LEO weapons systems & operations, incorporate firearms programs into other areas of LEO Use of Force, and training documention.


This is an Instructor Certification course and prospective instructors should possess above average shooting skills.  To obtain an instructor certificatioon in this course participants MUST complete all blocks of instruction and pass ALL evaluations.  Any officer who fails to complete a block or does not pass the written, practical (teaching) or shooting evaluations will not receive an Instructor rating.  Officers that fail to meet standard will be issues a Certificate of Completion for Advanced LEO Firearms but will NOT be certified Instructors.  


MPOETC CLEE Certification #CLE0671 

LEO Firearms Instructor Altoona PA 10/3-7/2022

  • AMED (EMS Service)

    106 Reimer St.

    Altoona PA 16602

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