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LEO Armed Vehicle Defense is all about winning the fight out of, into, and around vehicles.  Officers work in and around vehicles on a daily basis and they are a very common feature in incidents.  During this course, the Officers will train all types of encounters around a vehicle from counter-ambush,  movement concepts, tactics, partner drills and a thorough ballistics lab that is designed to dispel many of the common myths surrounding vehicles.  There is a heavy focus on relevant, realistic skills that account for common behaviors in and around cars.  Tactics and techniques that work will be reinforced and ones that are less effective will be identified and minimized.  The first two days of the class are a 75/25 split between the Duty Handgun and Patrol Rifle.  There is an optional 3rd day “Add-On.” Day-3, the techniques are put to the pressure test of Force-on-Force training.   This is accomplished through an escalating series of drills from skills, to opposed, to scenario driven event.  Officers must attend day 1 and 2 or have previously attended AVD to sign up for Day 3.    



LEO Armed Vehicle Defense Camp Hill PA 7/29-31/2024

  • Carlisle Fish & Game

    1421 Trindle Rd

    Carlisle PA 17015

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