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Active Killer Interdiction Instructor is a 5-Day program designed to provide the essential skills to successfully stop a violent, active attack.  The program utilizes both live fire as well as force-on-force to teach the following concepts; dynamic weapons manipulation, movement, solo rescue, partner rescues, fighting to a fixed position, approach considerations, open air movements, preasure based counter-assault tactics, phases of an AKI event, coordinated services, and crisis communications.  Additionally we will cover the basic concepts of in extremis breaching, use of the patrol vehicle, basic occupant control, and oppossed movements.  Potential instructors will be evaluated on multiple phases of the course as well as being required to pass a written test, shooting evaluation, and a drill presentation evaluation.  


Active Killer Interdiction Instructor Jersey Shore PA 8/19-23/2024

  • 1212 Locust Street

    Jersey Shore PA 17740

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