r3 defensive handgun

2 days     $450  FoF ammo included

2021 COURSE REVISIONS - Due to the ongoing interruption and pricing fluctuation of ammo we have made the following changes tp R3DH.  The round count will be reduced from 1000 to 500.  The 2-day course will be split  60/40 live-fire / Force-on-Force.  ALL FoF conversion kids, PPE and ammo are included in the price of tuition.

R3 Defensive Handgun is our premium defensive handgun performance class. The driving force is the R3 Concept of ensuring the training is Realistic, Relevant, and Recent.   With that backbone we dive into a program that not only introduces relevant skills but also helps the shooter build a realistic sustainment program.  Utilizing the 80/20 rule we focus the bulk of the course on the three pillars of defensive handgun use; getting the gun into the fight, keeping the gun on target shot to shot, and incorporating movement principles into the fight.  To reinforce the training further, most of day two will focus on utilizing these new skills in a variety of Force-on-Force drills.  These drill utilize UTM converted firearms and all conversion kits, PPE and FoF ammunition are included in the tuition.  The program is adaptive to a wide variety of skill levels but all shooters should have a firm understanding of their handgun and basic marksmanship principles.  The course is open enrollment but is also perfect for armed professionals to push their handgun skills to the next level.  The skills presented are not specific to concealed or open postures so the individual can determine what best meets their needs.

  • Working Handgun 

  • Minimum of 3 magazines.  If under 10 rounds capacity, minimum 5 

  • 500 rounds of ammunition (Keystone Munitions ammo available)

  • Approved holster (NO soft nylon, crossdraw, shoulder, canted SOB or SERPA holsters permitted).  

  • Hearing & Eye Protection (Electronic hearing pro is preferred)

  • Appropriate Range Attire (We will train in all weather conditions)

  • Note taking materials

  • Snacks & Hydration

  • Gloves

  • Long Sleeve shirt (for FoF portion)

  • Knee pads (optional)

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