NEW FOR 2021  -  Tactical 2-Gun is designed for officers assigned to SWAT, Violent Crime Interdiction, Warrant Squads or any other job in which the rifle is your primary weapons system.  In T2G we focus 1st on the relevant skills to run a rifle in confined environments, with limited time exposures, utilizing positional shooting skills (cover/concealment) and employment in a team-based environment.  Rifle work makes up 75% of this course with the remaining training focused on the efficient employment of the handgun as a back-up weapon as well as the more common use of the handgun as an alternate tool for various scenarios.  All drills conducted will require a high degree of accuracy with urgency.  The 80/20 concepts of both systems will be explained and trained with tactical context.  This course will look to set a higher standard of performance from the shooter.  Drills will be taught with the purpose of enhancing that skill and building a solid understanding of performance metrics to allow the officer to continue to grow after the course.  



Tactical 2-Gun Lebanon PA 5/17-18/2021

  • Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club

    1805 Russell Rd.

    Lebanon PA 17406

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