Patrol Officers conduct far more structural clearances than any other job within law enforcement and by a HUGE margin.  While they conduct far more of these searches, they must do so with little training on the topic and usually in very small elements.  PSC focuses on training officers to safely and efficiently clear an interior space with teams as small as two officers.  The curriculum is specifically tailored to the patrol mission set, equipment, and staffing.  This is not a SWAT class and the techniques presented are not simply attempts to transition Patrol to SWAT.  The course will cover both slow methodical clearances as well as rapid deployment rescue techniques.  Additional topics that will be covered and trained during this class include; different types of breaching and their application to patrol, occupant control and combatives, arrest and control techniques.  All of the skills will immediately be reinforced with force-on-force drills to test conceptual understanding of the techniques


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Patrol Structure Clearance Wilbraham MA 5/10-11/2022

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