2-Gun Low Light is all about working a handgun and defensive carbine through all lighting conditions.  The course will focus on the relevant application of both systems in realistic environments including home defense, concealed carry, and vehicle based scenarios.  This is not an night vision class.  The content presented is designed to accurately reflect the situations one may face in periods of reduced visibility.  Topics covered will include full light to no light firing with both weapons, handheld flashlight use, weapon mounted light use, using light in search mode, home defense, low light vehicle considerations, positive identification, light transitions, and critical incident decision making.  


** PLEASE NOTE**  This is not a beginners class and shooters will be expected to have a solid grasp of fundamentals, weapon manipulation, and safety protocols.     

OE 2-Gun Low Light Sugarloaf PA 11/19-20/2022

  • Red Rock Lodge

    142 Cabin Lane

    Sugarloaf, PA 18249