Open Enrollment 2-Gun Fighting Movement is about gaining a complete understanding of the manner in which we move during a lethal force encounter and the process to build an effective training program to address that reality.  This course evenly splits time between the handgun and rifle.  The common thread between both is the use of a behavior-based approach to training the movements.  The backbone of the course is built around a signifigant case study of actual shootings and the manner in which people use movement during those fights.  With that information, the program builds the seven primary movement types and drills are conducted  to address each.  All skills are thoroughly drilled on the live-fire range and then the lessons are tested against live opposition during Force-on-Force.   The class is split 75/25, live-fire to FoF. 


OE 2-Gun Fighting Movement Sugar Loaf PA 6/4-5/2022

  • Red Rock Lodge

    142 Cabin Lane

    Sugarloaf, PA 18249