MPOETC CLEE Certified - CLEE01118 & NRA Continuing Education Certified for 24 hours.


One of the biggest problems facing every cop is the ability to obtain quality sustainment training in a variety of interconnected disciplines.  We solve this issue with the High Risk Patrol Course covers a variety of topics relevant to officer safety and survival.  Many of the skills presented are designed to reinforce or introduce good tactics and allow officers the training repetitions in an immersive environment.  The course includes blocks of instruction in a variety of topics including live fire training centered on realistic movement concepts, compromised ability skills, partner drills, and crisis communications.  Presented skills will then be pressure tested in a mryiad of Force-on-Force drills designed to address vehicle stops, high risk vehicle stops/arrests, scene approaches, interior clearance and spatial management.  In addition to reps in the previously mentioned related topics we will conduct a traumatic first aid refresher and apply those lesson with live medical simulations through all force on force drills.  

LEO High Risk Patrol Steelton PA 10/7-9/2020

Ammunition Add-On
  • Steelton Police Range

    Off L Street, Steelton PA 17113

    Detailed directions will be sent prior to course

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