SPECIAL STATEWIDE PROMO ALL Louisiana classes in 2021 are Buy One Seat in class, get one FREE.  The past year been tough on all of us!  Between the pandemnics, unrest, budget constrainst, and now the ammo crisis we are all trying to continue the vital task of training.  We have decided to extend some relief to the officers and agencies we train with this discount.  Hope to see you on the range in 2021.  


MPOETC CLEE Approved  -  CLEE01103

Hosted By:  DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Department


The LEO AVD Instructor program is designed to teach Departmental Instructors the skills needed to implement an armed vehicle defense program at their agency.  Days one through three deliver the core AVD content with additional focus on content delivery by the potential instructors.  We will break down each drill and cover the concepts, motivations and common teaching points associated with each topic.  All concepts are thoroughly covered so that every officer leaves with a complete understanding of the "why" behind a particular skill.  This course is grounded in understanding the realities of a Law Enforcement use of force related to vehicles and specifically driven by data, debriefs and reviews of actual incidents.  AVD Instructor includes full periods of instruction on both the Duty Handgun and Rifle.  The final two days teach the instructors how to safely deliver the program in a low light environment and complete the force-on-force portion of the curriculum.  Each phase of the course builds on the previous with the goal to give the potential instructor a methodical approach to impliment the program wholly or in pieces. 


This is an advanced class for experienced instructors already comfortable with delivering content and managing a training program.   Students must be certifieed instructors to attend the course. The AVD Instructor program will include multiple evaluations (shooting, tactics, written) and graduating with an instructor rating is NOT guarenteed.  Students who are not able to complete the Instructor Certification will be allowed to complete the training but receive a certificate for completion of Advanced Armed Vehicle Defense ONLY  



Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday      0800 - 1700

Wednesday     1200 - 2200

LEO AVD Instructor Shreveport LA 9/20-24/2021


    Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office Training Center

    120 Sprocket Lane

    Grand Cane LA 71032