Vigr Training in conjuction with JTAC Ranch are thrilled to announce a FREE TRAINING opportunity for Florida Law Enforcement Officers.  Up to two offiers per agency can register for this free training event.  Pre-registration is required, details below.


***** To register your officers (MAX 2 per agency) purchase the course like a normal class and in the payment details section select "PAY OFFLINE."  I promise, neither Vigr Training nor JTAC will be collecting the penny, but the system needs the item to have a cost.  


LEO Armed Vehicle Defense is all about winning the fight in, into and around vehicles. As Officers spend a large percentage of their time in or near vehicles, this course makes perfect sense to round out their defensive capabilities. In Armed Vehicle Defense we utilize real object learning by shooting from inside a variety of vehicles, shooting through auto glass, as well as engaging threats in, through, or around cars. Ballistic information and myths are explored with live-fire demonstration and practical application drills. We also train a number of counter ambush drills to enhance survivability during this dangerous type of attack. Movement, positional dominance, and tactical decision making are heavily emphasized throughout the course. The majority of the course is taught using the handgun with the patrol rifle introduced on day two.  In the Patrol Rifle portion we will cover positional shooting related to running the rifle around vehicles as well as deployment of rifles into and out of vehicles.  



LEO Armed Vehicle Defense Lithia FL 11/5-6/2020

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