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Training will be held at Roll Call, 701 Hudson Ave, Scranton, PA 18504

Tuition includes ALL ammunition, convesion kits, PPE and range fees!  


HOME is designed to provide the home owner with the skills and knowledge to deter, detect and defend against attacks in their residence or place of business.   As with all courses, HOME is a 2-Day course that can be also be adapted to either single days.  During Day-1, Participants will conduct a block of instruction on hardening the home.  This includes crime deterence strategies, physical security upgrades and defensive planning.  Participants then move on to learn the basics of a "safe room" defense strategy as well as armed rescue movements.  During Day-1, participants will utilize converted training weapons but will not be engaging in any force-on-force.  During Day-2, students will sharpen their rescue movement skills through Force-on-Force drills designed to simulate the most common criminal threats to the home.  Participants in Day-2 of HOME will also conduct a block of instruction in drawn weapon retention and basic combatives. HOME is a NON-LIVE FIRE course and will be taught exclusively utilizing converted Force-on-Force training weapons.  ALL ammunition and protective equipment are provided for the class.  

HOME is a contextually driven class and is NOT a clearance/movement class as classically taught to Law Enforcement and the Military.  The course is taught with the handgun but can be run with rifle or shotgun.  Contact us for additional details and FoF ammunition costs for that option.

HOME Scranton PA 2/17-18/2024

  • Roll Call

    701 Hudson Avenue

    Scranton, PA 18504

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