ALL Force-on-Force conversion kits, PPE and ammunition included in course tuition.  


Open enrollment Grounded & Wounded teaches armed citizens the skills required to remain in a fight and win when things are not going as planned.  We will thoroughly cover fighting positions from the ground and the strategies to avoid losing mobility whenever possible.  The course then moves on to operation of a handgun while injured, or under a condition of compromised abilities.  This means running your gun 1-handed with simulated injuries and performing all manipulation skills.  We conduct 4 hour block of instruction on Traumatic First Aid and then apply the concepts within the context of Self-Aid during the scenario based portion of the course which is conducted using Force-on-Force training.   

Grounded & Wounded Lithia FL 10/22-23/2022

  • JTAC Ranch

    5300 Nichols Rd 

    Lithia FL