We all spend a good amount of time in and around vehicles and they are a constant part of our everyday life. Our Armed Vehicle Defense class will give you the opportunity to learn the skills associated with countering a threat from inside and around vehicles. In AVD we utilize real object learning by shooting from inside a variety of vehicles, shooting through auto glass, as well as engaging threats in, through, or around cars. You will get the chance to test your skills, techniques, and equipment through a variety of dynamic drills. This course covers common scenarios you may face as an armed private citizen and NOT a Law Enforcement Professional. In addition to the skills acquired, we will conduct a detailed “vehicle lab” ballistics demonstration to highlight the real results of various rounds against a vehicle. The first day and a half of the course are conducted using live drills, demonstrations, and labs. The final half day has students put all of the lessons to use in force on force scenario drills.

Armed Vehicle Defense Lebanon PA 5/21-22/2022

  • Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club

    1855 Russell Rd 

    Lebanon PA 17046