Training will be held at Roll Call, 701 Hudson Ave, Scranton, PA 18504

Tuition includes ALL ammunition, convesion kits, PPE and range fees!  


Armed Home Defense is designed to provide the home owner with the skills and knowledge to deter, detect and defend against attacks in their residence or place of business.   This is a NON-LIVE FIRE course and will be taught exclusively utilizing converted Force-on-Force training weapons.  ALL ammunition and protective equipment are provided for the class.  Participants will be taught the methods and techniques to harden the defenses of their home from all aspects of potential intrusion.  This will include defense of the interior spaces, exterior, as well as transitional movements at all entry points.  Moving on from deterrence  we will thoroughly cover interior actions and movements.  Beginning with safe room concepts and progressing to rescue movements, the skills taught are relevant to armed home defenders.  This class will NOT focus on slow, methodical clearance techniques used by LEO/Mil as they have little relevance to actual home defense tactics.   We will however cover the types of movements that will be required if you are required to leave a safe space within the home to rescue others.  This course is a mix of classroom discussion, guided skills practice, basic combatives skills in confined spaces, force-on-paper runs, and force-on-force training.   

Armed Home Defense Scranton PA 2/12-13/2022

  • Roll Call

    701 Hudson Avenue

    Scranton, PA 18504