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2 days (16 hours)     $400 

NEW FOR 2020  -  2-Gun Fighting Movement dives head first into realistic and relevant application of movement principles with both the Duty Handgun and Patrol Rifle.  This course uses the information obtained from real LEO lethal force encounters to mold the drills to match realistic movement patterns.  Safe application of dynamic movement drills is essential to this curriculum as officers cover turning, short, burst, and long movement principles.  With the Patrol Rifle we train on the integration of movement related to cover and the positional shooting that occurs around cover.  Self awareness of skill and application of the correct technique to match the stimulus highlight the movements that occur as this course.  It breaks well beyond the typical slow, unrealistic shooting on the move that is the basis for much of the current law enforcement training.  

  • Duty Handgun

  • Minimum of 3 magazines. If under 10 rounds capacity, minimum 5

  • 500 rounds of handgun ammunition

  • Full Duty Gear (including body armor)

  • Patrol Rifle (minimum 2 magazines)

  • 500 rounds rifle ammunition 

  • Hearing & Eye Protection (electronic hearing pro is preferred)

  • Appropriate Range Attire (We will train in all weather conditions)

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • Note taking materials

  • Snacks & Hydration

  • Gloves

  • Knee Pads (optional)

  • Old t-shirt (will be shot)

  • Knee pads (optional)