LEO high risk patrol

3 days     $550 

One of the biggest problems facing every cop is the ability to obtain quality sustainment training in a variety of interconnected disciplines.  We solve this issue with the High Risk Patrol Course.  This 3-Day program covers a variety of topics relevant to officer safety and survival.  Many of the skills presented are designed to reinforce or introduce good tactics and allow officers the training repetitions in an immersive environment.  The course includes blocks of instruction in a variety of topics which are then validated in a live environment on the range, in Force on Force training and immersive scenario based training.  We spend one day on the range, one day centered around Force on Force, and one day split between defensive tactics and traumatic 1st aid.   By touching on multiple interconnect fields we work to build safer response to the majority of call types and common law enforcement situations.  


Duty Handgun
Minimum of 3 magazines. If under 10 rounds capacity, minimum 5
500 rounds of handgun ammunition (Keystone Munitions ammo available)
Full Duty Gear (including body armor)
Patrol Rifle (minimum 2 magazines)
250 rounds rifle ammunition (Keystone Munitions ammo available)
Force on Force Conversion Kit (We have loaners available)
100 Rounds of 9mm FoF Ammo (We recommend UTM-UTX or Speer FoF)
Hearing & Eye Protection (Electronic hearing pro is preferred)
Appropriate Range Attire (We will train in all weather conditions)
Long sleeve shirt
Note taking materials
Snacks & Hydration
Knee Pads (optional)
Old t-shirt (will be shot)
Knee pads (optional)

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