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5 days     $800 

The Complete LEO Firearms Instructor is designed to pick up where most FI programs leave off.  Standard LEO FI courses primarily teach instructors to safely manage and administer a qualification program.   In Complete FI we will enhance the FI's ability to actually develop a program to increase officers' performance in a critical incident.  The course includes enhanced diagnostic techniques and how to actually coach and train officers as opposed to simply running a qual.  Additionally Complete FI participants will learn how to effectively deliver the content from our 2-Gun Fighting Movement, Grounded & Wounded, and Low Light courses.  This course is all about going above and beyond the standard program to effectively produce better trained officers.  The class is challenging and prospective instructors will be required to pass ALL tests to successfully complete this course.  

This is an advanced class for experienced instructors already comfortable with delivering content and managing a training program.   Students must be certified instructors to attend the course. The Complete LEO Instructor program will include multiple evaluations (shooting, tactics, written, teach-backs, course design) and graduating with an instructor rating is NOT guaranteed.  Students who are not able to complete the Instructor Certification will be allowed to complete the training but receive a certificate for completion of Advanced Police Firearms.  

  • Duty handgun (WML Encouraged but not mandatory)

  • Minimum of 3 magazines.  If under 10 rounds capacity, minimum 5 

  • 1000 rounds of handgun ammunition 

  • Full Duty Gear including body armor

  • Handheld Flashlight with spare batteries

  • Patrol Rifle with minimum of 3 magazines and sling (WML Recommended)

  • 500 rounds of rifle ammunition (no M855/Green Tip or similar)

  • 10 Dummy rounds for each weapon

  • Hearing & Eye Protection (Electronic hearing pro is preferred)

  • Appropriate Range Attire (We will train in all weather conditions)

  • 2 Chemlights (any color)

  • Note taking materials

  • Snacks & Hydration

  • Gloves

  • Old t-shirt (will be shot)

  • Knee pads (optional)

  • Shooting mat (optional)